You’ve come a long way since you first envisioned your website. Ever since it launched, it’s been fulfilling its intended purpose beautifully thanks to solid construction, an enticing brand, and diligent maintenance by a team of experts. Congratulations; you’ve come farther than most ever do.

Whether or not you stop here is really up to you. Your site is already a success if you’ve come this far, and it will continue to be if it is properly maintained. Still, that doesn’t have to be the end of the story. You can forge on to even loftier goals. Forget being satisfied with what your site is; you can grow it into something greater than it was ever envisioned to be. Here are a few ways to go about doing it.

Increase Traffic / Improve Traffic Quality
Promotional experts are at their best when it comes to producing tons of quality traffic, and there’s no end of ways to do it. You can split test different advertising, experiment with social media (e.g., Diggbaiting), optimize for search engine placement, or even launch forays into previously unexplored promotional venues (e.g., real-world print advertising).

Optimize Conversions
However your site measures success, it’s always possible to improve the rate at which it succeeds. Traffic plays a role in this, but on-site elements are equally important. Landing pages are one area of potential improvement; by giving the right first impression, you can improve the chances that your visitors perform the desired action. Form processes/goal funnels are also important; a little analysis goes a long way toward keeping your visitors on track to converting. You can even focus on following up with visitors to keep them coming back.

Add New Conversion Methods
Short of developing new goals for the site, you can think up new ways to realize its original goals. For example, if you run an e-commerce site, you can add on new products. If you run a blog, you can add features to draw in readers or monetize traffic. The trick is to review your site’s goals, learn from what you’ve already done to realize them, and explore new angles of approach.

Expand Goals
As in personal growth, goals must be reassessed from time to time. As your site grows, it may achieve its original goals in a conclusive way, or previously unconsidered goals may crop up. Blogs may expand into new topics, for example. As these arise, it’s important to consider whether the new goal makes sense. Does it expand upon the site’s original goals? Does it make sense from a user’s perspective? If it seems like a natural fit, go with it. If not, you might want to start a new website instead.

Start a New Website
In many ways, starting over is a way of bringing the whole process full-circle. You may have reached a point where improving your existing website is no longer worth the effort. Or, you may want to go in a new direction that doesn’t seem to be a natural fit for the existing website. Whatever the reason, you’ve gained valuable insights along the way. Feed those considerations back into the process as you set about defining your new site’s purpose.

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