7 Signals of Comment Spam

Recently, I’ve found myself giving the same advice to several of my clients, many of whom are still getting into the swing of blogging. All too often, they’re uncertain about whether or not to mark a comment as spam. Caught between the desire to avoid spam but foster legitimate conversation, they come to me, and […]

Quality is the New Quantity

“Omit needless words.” – E.B. White, “The Elements of Style“ Answer these three questions: What determines the difficulty of a school writing assignment? What kinds of books are you likely to brag about reading? What is the basis on which a writer should charge for his or her work? If any of your answers involve […]

Bridging the Digital Divide to Combat Poverty

What can a person do to elevate him or herself from poverty? What can the rest of us do to help the less fortunate and combat poverty on the local, national, and even global levels? Everyone has a different opinion. Certainly, there are many good answers to this question, and you’ll probably hear a lot […]

Explaining Blogs to the Uninformed

When I first mentioned the word “blog” to my wife back in 2005, she swore I’d made it up. It wasn’t until she started hearing it in mainstream media that she conceded blogs were real. (To this day, she still harbors suspicions that the whole thing might be some massive conspiracy I cooked up to […]

7 Lessons in Online Copywriting from Stephen King

Yesterday, I finished reading Stephen King’s “On Writing.” I didn’t read it with the intent to write a post about it; after all, Ward on the Web is about better websites. To be honest, I read it in preparation for NaNoWriMo (incidentally, I’ll be taking a hiatus from WotW in November for that purpose). However […]

A Surefire Way to Spot Fluff Posts

Consider the topic of this post. What if it was just a collection of links to other sites about fluff posts? What if it was something you’d already heard about fluff posts? Would you be as interested? Would you even be reading this sentence? Probably not. The fact is, a post that doesn’t offer enough […]

The Secret to Blogging for Money

For many, professional blogging is a dream job where you sit at home, work your own hours, and earn boatloads of money with little effort. You can live freely and make your living writing about your passions, all without changing out of your PJs. These starry-eyed dreamers look up to the greats and say, “Me […]

Ward on the Web Entered in Blogging Idol Contest

After all the positive feedback I’ve received, not to mention winning that marketing contest a few weeks ago, I’ve decided to enter Ward on the Web in the Blogging Idol competition over at Daily Blog Tips. Throughout the month of July, I’ll be doing everything I can to promote my subscribership. Even short of winning, […]

7 Essential Tips for Corporate Blogging

According to JupiterResearch (via Search Engine Watch), 34% of large companies and 15% of Fortune 500 companies blog. That’s quite a bandwagon. Before you jump on board, though, you should know what you’re getting into. Here are seven essential tips to keep in mind as your company enters the corporate blogging arena. Don’t be afraid. […]