CSS Menus Made Simple

CSS is wonderful stuff.  Really.  If you know what you’re doing, you can twist standard, boring HTML elements into almost any display state you like, all while maintaining the sort of semantic accessibility that’s so important for things like SEO and section 508 compliance. One of my favorite examples is turning a standard HTML list […]

Why NYTimes.com Gets a Majuscule “A” for Usability

Case: “Majuscule” Whenever I’m presented with something I don’t know, I have an almost instinctive habit of looking it up.  It’s not necessarily a bad habit; in fact, several of my coworkers seem to rely upon it.  And I could argue that it’s foolish not to do so with the wealth of the world’s knowledge […]

A Golden Delicious Lesson in Usability

Case: A Hassle a Day… I love apples. In fact, I eat one almost every day with lunch, to the point where you might think I’m testing the, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” hypothesis. As the title of the post might suggest, my favorite variety is golden delicious. Now, aside from rinsing […]

Launching a Successful Website, Step Six: Maintenance

“Good decisions are not made; they are managed.” – John Maxwell Maxwell’s point is that just making a good decision is easy. However, most people fail to live up to their good decisions. Only those who stick to their goals with consistency can ever achieve them. That is to say, the decisions that bear fruit […]