Blogging Idol

After all the positive feedback I’ve received, not to mention winning that marketing contest a few weeks ago, I’ve decided to enter Ward on the Web in the Blogging Idol competition over at Daily Blog Tips. Throughout the month of July, I’ll be doing everything I can to promote my subscribership. Even short of winning, the conversational and linking benefits of participation are just too good to pass up. So, if you haven’t already subscribed, click here to have Ward on the Web delivered straight to your email or feed reader and help me become the very first Blogging Idol!

5 thoughts on “Ward on the Web Entered in Blogging Idol Contest

  1. I’ll admit; it can be dangerous turf. Then again, from a marketing standpoint, repeated exposure to spin-offs like this helps reinforce the core brand, so it’s probably in American Idol’s best interests to allow them.

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